Feature-Length Articles
Riding in Vans with Medics (The life of a paramedic during one wild night in Champaign-Urbana)

The Joy of Parenting
Walking and Waving in Champaign-Urbana (Sometimes, it takes a village to ground your daughter)
The Stink of My Presence (On the limited number of places in the world I am allowed to exist)
The Real Axe Market (My son reveals who really buys Axe Deodorant)
Middle School Girl Syndrome (There should be a medical term for what happens when girls enter middle school).
The Washington Street Parade (Our neighborhood 4th of July Parade)

All-Purpose Pondering
Farewell, Sweet Bookmobile (Our local bookmobile rides no more)
Picking Up Dancers in Kankakee (On being an extra in a local movie)
The Bagger’s Bane (Simple doesn't mean easy when it comes to cloth vs. plastic)
The Moral Complexity of Shopping (Free trade vs. fair trade)
Charity vs. Justice ("Charity is no substitute for justice withheld")

Visions of the Apocalpse
Santa the Refugee (What will happen to Santa when the ice caps melt?)
Hoarding Food for the Apocalypse (Can black beans save you from zombies?)
Why the World Should Be Ruled by Robotic Overlords (Pretty much what the title says)

On the Set of Leading Ladies (A bunch of divas descend on CU for a local movie shoot)
Yet Another Oscar 2009 Wrap-up (Hugh Jackman?)
What Super Bowl Commercials Tell Us  (Guys are oafs, violence is funny).
More Super Bowl Life Lessons (Guys are still oafs, violence is still funny).
Horton Hears a Metaphor (How many metaphors can you cram into one story?)

Reports from Roget Ebert's Champaign-Urbana Film Festival
Ebertfest 11 Summary
Ebertfest 12 Day 2
Ebertfest 11 Day 1: Woodstock: Groovy, Man
Ebertfest 11 Day 2

Politics from the Prairie
General Complaining
The Burlington Coat Factory Mosque (Opposition to building a mosque is deeply un-American)
Praying for Political Ends (Being prayed at is better than being yelled over or lied to)
Report from the Restore Sanity Rally (What was that about, anyway?)
Rational Distrust vs. Irrational Fear (The health care debate is just irrational fear of government)
The Dixie Chicks: Pop Icons of the Bush Era (In the end, the Dixie Chicks defined the Bush Era)
Half-Strong Foreign Policy (The Germans have a word for Bush's foreign policy)
Joe the Plumber vs. The Socialists (Joe has a lot to learn before he owns a business)
Trickle Down Charity (If trickle-down really works, don't waste your money on charity)
Those Untethered Birthers (Joyless complaining about birthers and the Tea Party)
Race Row, Indeed (In defense of cultural houses)

Obama Love
Prophets vs. Kings (Obama is not MLK because prophets are not kings)
An Historic Election (Is it weird that we only talked about race after Obama won?)
Obama is Smarter than I Am (Obama shatters my dreams of becoming president)

University of Illinois Chief Illiniwek Controversy
The Sinner's Guide to the Chief Illiniwek Debate (Which argument is morally superior in this debate?)
Dancing Privileges (Chief Illiniwek and white privilege)

The Opiate of the Masses
Jesus Comes with Free Ice-Cream Bars (How would Jesus run a Bed and Breakfast?)
Resisting Empire while Eating Fine Cheese (A influential theologian tells us to resist absolutes)
My Ensemble Experience (I go along for the ride between two tenors)
The More or Less Seven Social Sins (Maybe personal salvation is a bad idea)
A Brief History of Love and Suffering (Too often, loving our neighbor results in their suffering) 
The War on Tolerance, 2008 Update (Is the War on Christmas slowing down?)
Are You Rapture-Ready? (Careful. The Rapture Index has hit 170)

The Blog 
Musings of a Minor Mennonite (Observations at the intersection of Church & State & Culture)